Company Profile

Taiwan RuxTek Co., Ltd. is a team composed of a group of senior experts who have been engaged in wireless communications and automotive industries for many years. They have many years of experience in IoT product development, and have senior experience and understanding of application scenarios such as broadband and industrial IoT. The company focuses on R&D and sales of 4G/5G CPE, 4G/5G MIFI, 4G/5G outdoor routers, 4G/5G home gateways, 3G/4G/5G/WIFI industrial routers, 4G/5G edge computing gateways, DTU, WIFI routers and APs Wait for the terminal. At the same time, the company provides customers with cloud platforms such as equipment remote management and power application management, and provides customers with overall system solutions from terminals, edge computing, and cloud platforms. Provide reliable data links and monitoring operation and maintenance management solutions for industrial equipment connection, security monitoring, power safety monitoring, energy efficiency management, power meter reading, power station monitoring, broadband coverage, etc.

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