RuxTek Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “RuxTek”) is an electronic communication enterprise established by well-trained professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the communication and consumer electronics industry. The company focuses on the production and sales of communication system, mobile Internet system, high-speed network system, because there is no line terminal products as the main line, With the grasp of mobile Internet and communication technology, continuous innovation and courage to explore, it provides communication voice, interactive entertainment and high-speed network solutions for the majority of telecom operators, enterprises and individual users.

RuxTek is based in Taiwan, serves central and South America, integrates the global industrial chain in an all-round way, and provides buyers with consultation and purchase services without time difference with professionalism and customer service. It has dozens of professional suppliers and cooperative factories in mainland China, and has a strong competitive advantage in products and prices.

RuxTek has a professional procurement team and is familiar with technical standards, laws and regulations and user habits all over the world. Especially in Spanish speaking countries, the company’s procurement team can provide product customization in Spanish and reduce the use obstacles of end users in South American countries. Its customers are all over central and South America. With excellent technology The exquisite service is highly praised by customers.

The company has a R & D center and senior engineers in the industry. The technical team keeps improving high-tech products to protect the high quality and sustainability of products and maintain strong market life force and competitiveness of products and services. Based in Taiwan and looking overseas, the company continues to launch communication and consumer electronic products with advanced technology and reliable quality to serve global sellers.

RuxTek always adheres to the mission of “based on science and technology and service first”, pays attention to industrial development from the perspective of technology, promotes industrial technology growth with scientific research and innovation, is committed to leading the new development model of information-based enterprises, and strives to build a full range of trusted and reliable international well-known information suppliers with high quality..